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Putting Collaboration In

Your Hands With


The Telecom Revolution

Work from anywhere you have access to a Browser


Successful business are built on
collaboration with your team
and your clients

How we Collaborate

Internal Communications


Select who you want to call
​Select the type of call - Video

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Instant Video Call
​No Apps to Up Load - Just a Browser

Stephen Gran
Systems Engineer


​Your website

This Website Widget

is forward facing to the World

Anybody visiting your website

has the option to:

Start a Voice Call

Start a chat session

Start a Video Call

All From Your Website​


For Your WebMaster


Uniform Interface between cell phones, Desktop, Touch Screen Phones, Cordless DECT and WILDIX VoIP desk phones


Where will your company be in 5 years
if you start to use the same tools used by large enterprises?

What should you look for in any business
communications system?

The Widex system uses HTTPS and RTP which uses 128
Bit Encryption. The same encryption that Amazon uses
when processing your credit card. So all of your
communications, Voice, Chat, and Video are Secure by

Wildix comes in two flavors: Cloud-Based on Amazon
Servers or as an Onsite PBX

Each Wildix system delivers all of the features of the
conventional PBX’s  and the enhancements that make it
like no other system:

Kite - The Website Widget that allows visitors to your
Website to Voice Call, Chat and Video Call.  You can
start with a Chat Session, single click to a voice call, and
graduate to a group video conference, all with
successive clicks.

A separate Phone Book allows you to stay in contact
with all of your clients and all their contact methods

Outpace your competition and Step Up to Wildix

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